Special Events

We invite you to join us for special events designed to strengthen your yoga practice and build community at UVY.

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“Our breath is constantly rising and falling, ebbing and flowing, entering and leaving our bodies. Full body breathing is an extraordinary symphony of both powerful and subtle movements that massage our internal organs, oscillate our joints, and alternately tone and release all the muscles in the body. It is a full participation in life.” – Donna Farhi

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Beautiful yoga pose



6:00 - 7:00 pm

FREE Community Class

Jen Avery teaches this month's FREE community class. All are welcome; bring your mat and sign up to reserve a spot.



5:30 - 6:45 pm

Yin Yoga

Take a break from the cold in our next yin class, which is focused on our heart center and the fire that burns within it. In yin, our heart is associated with fire, and with poses that impact our chest, shoulders, and torso helping to enliven our energy and warm up our outlook. Expect gentle back-bending and twists, leaving us standing a little taller and feeling a little brighter. All levels welcome. Erin's monthly Yin class is an all-levels practice that incorporates longer-held seated postures, preceded by a brief active sequence for warming up. Yin Yoga is based on the Chinese meridian system (acupuncture-like benefits, no needles!). Yin Yoga is generally offered one Friday evening per month. Please sign up from the calendar page to reserve a space.



5:30 - 7:00 pm

Forrest Friday: Focus on the South

South is the place of water, of flow, of strength, of emotions. Personal power is found in the South. South is the place of growth and also the place of opening. South is where we turn when something is blocking us, when it no longer serves us. We are supported by South to clear the way as the water in a brook clears the rocks, leaves, and branches that block it. In this Forrest Friday, we’ll focus on energy from the South. Forrest Friday is held every 3rd Friday of the month. $18 drop-in or use your UVY class pass. Sign up to reserve a spot.



3:30 - 5:30 pm

Yoga for Better Sex: A Partner workshop

Make every day Valentines' Day! At this playful workshop, you'll stay fully-clothed as you learn techniques to warm up the hips, poses to strengthen and circulate sexual energy, and partner poses to elevate your relationship. We'll wind down with some basic massage techniques and a luxurious relaxation. All levels of yoga experience welcome, though a basic level of physical fitness is desirable. Led by "Miss Amanda" Anderson, a Thai Yoga massage therapist and yoga teacher trained in vinyasa and Kundalini yoga traditions, and her partner, a regular guy with stiff hips. $50 per couple prepay: $60 at the door. Register.